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VNC is client and server remote control application
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VNC is one of the most powerful and reliable software for controlling remote machines. It is not necessary for both the client and server to have the same operating system as the client can be a Microsoft Windows machine and the server can be a Linux machine or vice versa. The program consists of two parts: the server part which should be installed on the remote machine with Administrative/Root access privileges, and the client part which should be installed on the computer that will be used to control the remote machine. Connection between the two machines is secure and encrypted.

The server program allows you to choose which port to listen for incoming connections and also lets you protect the server with a password to prevent unauthorized connections. In addition, a list of connected clients can be controlled from within the server machine, more powerful options are available to allow the server machine to prompted for accepting connections for better security. The client part of the program is very easy to use. It has a box where you should type the remote machine's IP address and ports. If the remote machine is password protected, it will request the login password from you and then let you control the remote desktop of that machine.

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  • Data encryption
  • Password security
  • Fast and reliable


  • Old versions were exploited and malicious users gained full control over VNC servers running the old versions
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